Totally Cool Gel Candles

Custom made scented gel candles unlike any others.


Welcome To My World Of Get Lit Candles you like candles? Do you love candles? Then you have come to the right place because you won't find any other candles that are as TOTALLY COOL as the one's I make. Trust me on this one. 

I have been a candle maker for 15 years.  Wax got real boring after awhile so I was real happy when gel came along.  Wow! I was inspired all over again and I haven't slowed down yet.  I can use my imagination and create cool scenes inside a clear scented gel candle.  Also before candle making I was a bartender for 26 years so now I make way cool cocktail candles that look just like the real thing.  That's where the "Get Lit" name came from.  I also  make coca cola candles too and I make them in real vintage Coke glasses. Very collectible as well. In fact I make all my drink type candles in vintage glassware so you burn the candle collect the glass come back and buy another one and guess what... I can pay my shop rent! But what's more important than that is gel candles glow when lit.  The light from the flame runs down the wick and illuminates everything from the bottom up.  So if you don't light your candle you are missing out on a cool show.

 So kick back and check it all out and always remember one thing.